Beginning CSS Web Development

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Simon Collison spills the beans on applying CSS to your web pages in this superb book. Thanks to his engaging style, CSS has never seemed so inviting, and the nuggets of coding info here make it an essential addition to your web design library.

.Net Magazine Issue 161, April 2007

Some guides and how-to books can be a little too techy and detached, but Beginning CSS Web Development has a winning combination of being authoritative, thorough and friendly. It's a joy to read, easy to digest and best of all, your websites and understanding of CSS are going to improve as a result.

Jason Arber, - 9/10

Simon Collison has written the roadmap, a book that clearly explains how to make your designs a reality with XHTML and CSS.

Andy Clarke

Looking for a book that will bring your level of CSS knowledge from newbie to intermediate or advanced? This is it.

Roger Johansson, 456 Berea Street

Beginning CSS Web Development is one of the finest introductory guides I've ever read on any subject.

Jenkins Beaming, Amazon US review - 5/5

I get asked quite often which book I'd recommend for learning about CSS and up until now I've been recommending CSS Mastery by Andy Budd, et al. However, after reading Simon Collison's latest, Beginning CSS Web Development, I think I have a new default.

Jonathan Snook

In short the book is a sign of a maturing industry ... it will provide a constant companion and reference for those starting on the road to becoming the next web design rock star.

Gareth Rushgrove for Vitamin

[This book] could have easily taken 1.5 years off of my CSS learning curve, and even now taught me a few new things. It's a nice read, Simon has a very good sense of humor and is very good at making even the hardest CSS problem easy to grasp. Above all, he inspires.

Joost de Valk,

The author should be congratulated for producing such a well written and useful title. The writing style is just the right side of humorous with very easy to follow descriptions that make reading it a real joy. This is easily the most lucid and comprehensive book on CSS that we have seen and would be a superb choice for beginners and a good one for anyone already experienced in CSS who wants to improve the way they use it. The author also seems to have a thing for tea and biscuits which can only be good.

PC Book Review

Full of tips and insights from someone who not only knows CSS inside-out, but who also is a first-rate designer. How could you not love a book that says, in its great section on fonts: "Use Comic Sans for your little sister's web site about ponies."?

John Oxton

...this book is a must-have. In my opinion, all web developers need to have three key CSS books on the shelf. If you are just starting out, read them in this order: Beginning CSS Web Development, CSS: The Definitive Guide, CSS Mastery.

Nathan Smith, Godbit Project

Simon Collison does an amazing job on explaining things, and I have yet to see anyone who does a better job. As the book starts, he goes over everything basic. What things are, when you should use them, and how you should use them. Everything is paced so nicely, and it's extremely easy to follow. My final thoughts on this book, are that it is a "MUST HAVE" regardless of your CSS experience. I really loved this book, and I suggest it to anybody, and everybody who is looking to learn CSS.

Jake Dahn, HTML Center is so great to read about CSS from someone who actually uses it on a daily basis to design top-notch sites. It's sort of like watching over his shoulder as he works.

Carolyn S. Wood, Amazon US review - 5/5

I highly recommend this book, particularly for CSS beginners or novices, but also for CSS-savvy coders who need to re-learn CSS from a design-oriented perspective, as well as for slightly more advanced designers who need a broad, quick review. I've sampled at least a half dozen CSS books recently, and Beginning CSS Web Development is FAR AND AWAY the best.

JM, Amazon US review - 5/5

I have been impressed by the style of writing, humour and clarity with which the author opens up your understanding of CSS. So many things started to 'click' and make sense. Ever had that eureka moment where you just sit there and say "aaahh so thats how that works"?

Mr. S. Atherley, Amazon UK review - 5/5

...the perfect beginners guide to CSS. This book is laid out very well, and moves at a perfect pace. Now, for those who are advanced CSS developers - this book is still a great book to have as reference to different aspects or topics. I wish I would have had a book like this when I started using CSS a few years ago. It would have saved many headaches and late nights of figuring things out the hard way.

James Klaiber, Amazon US review - 5/5

This books offers a novice to learn CSS development from a professional perspective. When I first read the book - this came directly to mind: how well it was written and subsequently how easy it was to follow.

Johan Vandenrym, Fadtastic - 9/10

It's been a great year for people wanting to learn CSS with some really strong titles out there. Add this book to your essential list.

Karl Dawson, Amazon UK review - 5/5

This is the only one I have been able to learn from - right the way through, from start to finish. The author has an ability that is very very rare - the ability to break things down into understandable chunks and to actually TEACH NEW SKILLS.

H. Wimberley, Amazon US review - 5/5

Simon explains things SO well and he has a knack for narrowing in on what is important. He also has a great sense of humor and actually makes the book enjoyable to read (which is hard to do for a topic like CSS!). I will continue to rely on this book as my CSS "bible".

Donna J. Gracyk, Amazon US review - 5/5

For anyone that has no iota about how CSS coding works, I highly recommend this book for the sake of simplicity while learning what seems so complex.

Shirley Confidential, Amazon Canada review - 5/5


I've read the first several chapters of Simon's new book and it's terrific. If you're just getting into CSS development, you've got to have it.

Jeff Croft

You just know this is going to be good!

Jon Hicks

I enjoyed his lighthearted yet technically sound style of writing in CSS Mastery. An entire book done up in that style should be well worth the money.

Cameron Moll

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